Claire Marais

I am passionate about therapy, and prefer working in a Psychodynamic or a relational approach, while using integrative techniques to fit the adolescent, adult, or couple, and the presenting difficulties.

My other passion is psycholegal assessments for court proceedings, with a particular expertise in criminal matters. Attorneys and other third parties are welcome to contact me for expert opinions on legal related matters pertaining to mental health and/or psychological professional practice. Clients can also request general psychological assessments, including intellectual, neuro-cognitive, personality, emotional, and behavioural assessments. I can perform clinical diagnosis services, with recommendations for management and referrals for medical interventions.

My passion for psychology started during my adolescence, watching ‘CSI’ and being fascinated about the human mind and the reasons behind people’s behaviour. This passion led me to complete my Humanities degree with Law, and work for a number of years as a Prosecutor in criminal courts. However, I found that my interest in the ‘why’ outweighed determining the ‘what’, and I decided to pursue Psychology further. I also hoped for a more compassionate career, where people’s emotions and unique quirks were celebrated. After my Clinical Psychology Masters, I completed my internships at Fort England Psychiatric Hospital and my community service at the Grahamstown Correctional Centre. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with people with varying difficulties and backgrounds, and appreciate uncovering the uniqueness of every individual.

Lastly, my research interests focus on ethical and professional issues surrounding psychological services in the legal system. I am a contract lecturer at Rhodes University, and hope to continue sharing my passion for psychology.

I approach any psychological intervention with utter curiosity and compassion for my clients. I also promote congruency and authenticity in all my interactions. An adapted quote from Nanea Hoffman ( encapsulates this:

“None of us are getting out alive. So, work soundly. Play well. Love thoroughly. Be kinder. More sincere. Always strive for authenticity. And share the truth that you are carrying in your heart like hidden treasures… There is no time for anything else.”